Autochartist provides real-time trading alerts and volatility analysis

Autochartist is one of the most widely used MT5 charting tools among GO's client base. Now, when you open and fund a live trading account with $500 or more , traders have access to one of the world's premier chart pattern recognition software .

Autochartist prides itself on being at the forefront of price action alerts, volatility and event impact analysis, and even has new automated trading tools built in.

Please note that Autochartist is available for MT5 and MT5 (Windows only).

See Autochartist in action

Experience the power of Autochartist and see how easy it is to apply directly to your MT5 charts by viewing the video to the right. Just click the play button to get started.

This short Autochartist tutorial will show you the signals and alerts presented to you in real time via MT5. Additionally, Autochartist will email you 3 times a day with real-time trading opportunities.

Why use AutochartistTM ?

  • Autochartist will scan all your favorite Forex pairs , including all FX majors , minors and crosses .
  • Autochartist can be applied to commodities and indices.
  • Eliminates the complex and time-consuming process of analyzing chart patterns.
  • Automatically scan and monitor market trends and patterns on your behalf to help you make trading decisions.
  • Receive automatic audio and visual alerts when new and completed patterns are identified.
  • Provides market data analysis across multiple timeframes in real time, allowing you to quickly respond to market changes.

Subscribe to Autochartist Reports

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Automated Technical Analysis with Autochartist

Trends and patterns often take time to identify and monitor. With Autochartist TM , traders have the opportunity to receive automatic notifications when emerging and complete chart patterns such as triangles, wedges, tops and bottoms are identified. Traders can also take advantage of automatically illustrated forecast ranges of completed patterns, which indicate expected price levels.

Performance Statistics with Autochartist

Autochartist, TM offers traders the opportunity to view a range of performance statistics to see which trade setups have been active or inactive over the past 6 months. This performance analysis applies to completed Autochartist chart patterns, breaking key levels and approaching key levels.

Volatility Analysis with Autochartist

Autochartist TM allows you to understand the characteristics of the markets and instruments you choose to trade. Volatility analysis systems allow traders to understand information such as the time of day when markets are volatile, how to set appropriate exit levels, and how to choose instruments within acceptable risk parameters.

Autochartist Market Snapshot

Subscribe to Autochartist™'s Market Snapshots and receive outlooks for your favorite markets within the next 24-48 hours. Markets like Forex and Commodities are sent 3 times a day , and Tokyo, London, and NYSE are sent once a day, and traders can choose to have these analyses delivered directly to their email inboxes daily.

Subscribe to Autochartist Reports

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Autochartist™ 是proactfinanc 受人尊敬的第三方供应商。 交易者应注意,ProactFinance 向其客户提供该软件作为奖励功能,并且不保证所提供信息的完整性、准确性或及时性。 ProactFinance 与所描述的交易方式的准确性没有任何关系,也不保证其准确性,也不预测或保证因使用这些方式而产生的任何结果。 材料中声明的责任由 Autochartist™ 和 Autochartist™ 单独承担。 ProactFinance 并非以任何方式提供所有预测。 Autochartist™ 、其附属公司和任何第三方贡献者对因使用图表引起的、因使用图表而产生的或与之相关的任何索赔、损害或其他责任概不负责。 图表基于提供给第三方图表管理员的定价数据运行,您接受图表中显示的价格数据可能会延迟,并且 Autochartist™ 不保证数据的准确性或完整性。 该材料无意作为购买或出售任何金融工具的要约或招揽。 此处提及的策略可能并不适合所有投资者。

此处的意见和建议由 Autochartist™ 提供,并未考虑个别客户的情况、目标或需求,也不打算作为对特定客户的特定证券、金融工具或策略的推荐。 本服务的用户应对此处提及的任何证券或金融工具做出独立决定。