At ProactFinance , we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced and powerful trading tools in a range of markets when it comes to online CFD trading. For beginning traders, honing your skills in our demo environment will familiarize you with our trading platform and tools.

For seasoned traders who are already familiar with derivatives trading, we offer a powerful MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 platform with the advantage of our competitive spreads and best-in-class multilingual support. We also allow flexible trading of a range of Forex and CFDs, including stocks, commodities and indices, through the MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Trade more than 350 products with one account

foreign exchange

Trade over 50 currency pairs with the leading global CFD provider

Stock CFDs

Go long or short on 200+ ASX shares and 80+ top US stocks


Access a wide range of index CFD trading via the MT5 platform


Access a range of precious metal pairs with ProactFinance


Trade one of the most traded products on the global market

Online CFD Trading with ProactFinance

Forex trading

The foreign exchange market is the most liquid and most traded financial market in the world, offering novice and experienced traders the opportunity to manage and trade foreign currencies instantly. ProactFinance provides advanced platforms and powerful trading tools, such as MT5 and MT5, to help you easily manage, monitor and analyze global foreign exchange transactions.

Trading Stock CFDs

Trade ASX Shared CFDs anytime, anywhere on the powerful MetaTrader 5 platform. Share CFDs allow you to trade long (buy) and short (sell) simultaneously, creating a unique opportunity in the open market - taking advantage of market conditions even when stocks are trending in bearish territory.

trade metals

Precious metals trading remains a popular market for traders around the world. At ProactFinance , you can trade metals such as gold and silver while gaining access to informative broker data, award-winning technology, competitive spreads and low profit margins.

Trading Commodities

Commodities trading offers new professional traders a more traditional way of trading in the economy. Commodity trading can be traded in both soft and hard commodities and is therefore different from Forex in that it involves the trading of physical commodities while still offering trading opportunities. ProactFinance enables you to trade a wide range of commodities online effectively and efficiently.

Index trading

Why analyze hundreds of stocks when you can gain exposure by trading index CFDs? Whether for hedging purposes or as an independent trade, trading index CFDs allows you to trade movements in the price of the underlying asset without having to buy a futures contract. If you're moving from stock trading to derivatives, index trading is the perfect entry point because you trade in a different way.

Trade online with ProactFinance

Trading is made easy with the reliable tools and features offered by ProactFinance . Whether you want to trade Forex with MT5 and MT5 for mobile or are interested in learning more about Forex and Commodities trading, we are committed to providing traders with the best online products, tools and platforms to help them develop Trading straregy.