MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 trading platform

The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform has long been considered the industry standard for foreign exchange traders around the world. As one of the first brokers to bring MT5 back to Australia in 2006, ProactFinance 's history and experience with the platform is second to none and our range of MT5 tools such as MT5 Genesis has been introduced to better serve us Growing customer base. Our MetaTrader 5 Mac and Windows software is a popular choice for novice and expert traders to trade Forex, analyze financial markets and use Expert Advisors (EAs).

Not all MetaTrader platforms are created equal, with over 10 years of experience serving traders, we have been able to create world-class MT5 solutions including:

Take your MT5 experience to the next level

Our MetaTrader 5 Mac and Windows software combines simplicity with speed and offers comprehensive features to help you gain an edge in your trading:

  • Access to over 350 trading instruments
  • Ability to trade Forex , Indices and Commodities
  • Take advantage of Expert Advisors (EAs) to automate your trades
  • Built-in indicators to analyze market movements
  • Mobile trading system for smartphones and tablets

MT5 for Mac


MT5 was traditionally built for Windows PCs, but we've since added the ability for Mac users to access the same benefits as Windows users. ProactFinance offers MetaTrader 5 Mac download, allowing Apple users to experience the same fast and reliable trading experience.

When you download the MetaTrader 5 demo account for Mac, you will have access to all the same features as a standard PC without the need for additional software or add-ons to activate your account. Download our MetraTrader 4 for Mac today and start your trading journey.

Our MT5 for Mac solution enables you to:

  • Access all the same features as a standard PC
  • No need to install additional software to get started

Mobile MT5


The MT5 for Mobile solution allows you to trade anytime, anywhere with a range of mobile trading applications.

Additionally, the MT5 mobile trading platform allows you to:

  • View real-time pricing and execution
  • open and close positions
  • Place a buy/sell order
  • Access to over 25 technical indicators
  • Visit the Economic Calendar