Leverage changes

ProactFinance Leverage

By default, all client accounts use a leverage setting of 100:1 (1%). Depending on the account balance, clients can choose a ratio of 1:1 (no leverage) up to a maximum of 500:1. Please consider which leverage ratio suits your needs. It is important to understand the concept of leverage and how it affects your trading.


Certain currencies attract higher margin rates regardless of your account leverage. Certain currencies may have fixed leverage, while other currencies (eg exotic currencies) may require up to five (5) times the margin rate of the major currency.

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If you would like to change the leverage of your GO Market trading account, please log in to your account and submit a request.

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Available leverage Minimum account balance maximum. Account Balance
500:1 $200 $10,000
400:1 $200 $50,000
300:1 $200 $100,000
200:1 $200 $250,000
100:1 100 dollars $500,000
50:1 100 dollars Over 500,000 Miwon
25:1 100 dollars Over 500,000 Miwon
1:1 100 dollars Over 500,000 Miwon